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Target Market:State & Local, Federal
Bid Type:Contract Histories
Posted:Jul 08, 2019

13 Opportunities Found  
1.  Laundry & Dry Cleaning Philadelphia JROTC
    State Pennsylvania
    Agency Department of the Army
    Document Type Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
    Solicitation No. W9124D-19-Q-6379
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 29, 2019
    State South Carolina
    Agency State Government of South Carolina
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 18, 2019
    State New York
    Agency The City of New York
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 23, 2019
4.  19-153 Parking Lot Sweeping and Steam Cleaning/Pressure Washing at Oceanside DMV
    State California
    Agency State Government of California
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 25, 2019
5.  Cleaning Services on Demand
    State New Mexico
    Agency Albuquerque Public Schools
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 24, 2019
6.  Football Equipment Cleaning, Reconditioning & Recertification
    State Missouri
    Agency Springfield Public Schools
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 17, 2019
7.  2019-2020 Food, Produce, & Cleaning Supply Bid
    State Idaho
    Agency Cassia school district
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 09, 2019
8.  Hydro-blast Cleaning of Filter Plates
    State Texas
    Agency City of Austin
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 25, 2019
9.  19-183 Janitorial Services at the Mountain View DMV Field Office
    State California
    Agency State Government of California
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Aug 08, 2019
10.  QRF Suitability Determination NW Success Inc. Janitorial Service
    State Oregon
    Agency State Government of Oregon
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Aug 09, 2019
11.  Janitorial Services - SBI Crime Lab
    State North Carolina
    Agency State Government of North Carolina
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 19, 2019
12.  OPTION - Janitorial Services for Branch 1 Office in Aguadilla, PR
    State Puerto Rico
    Agency Department of Homeland Security
    Document Type Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
    Solicitation No. 70FBR219Q00000006_01
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 11, 2019
13.  BCS 2018-11 - Environmental Monitoring Services for Cleaning & Painting of Bridges, Statewide
    State Maryland
    Agency State Government of Maryland
    Posted on Jul 08, 2019
    Due by Jul 23, 2019

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